Specialists Side by Side, Success Hand in Hand

Dr Sonia Lee, Consultant Radiologist at Luma Women’s Imaging Centre, shares her story on how she discovered Luma and its unique partnership with Solis Breast Breast Care & Surgery Centre.

Breast cancer is the leading female cancer in Singapore – 1 in 13 women are diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime, and more than 400 women die from breast cancer every single year. Therefore, breast care should be made a priority amongst all women, and this is one of my reasons for pursuing a career in breast imaging and intervention.

Breast imaging and biopsies have developed rapidly in recent years with the advent of new technologies such as tomosynthesis (3D mammography), contrast-enhanced mammography and MRI. Likewise, using these modalities to perform biopsies is now considered standard of care. When I first visited Luma prior to joining the group, I was struck by the impressive array of facilities available and the capability to use the most advanced equipment and technologies in breast imaging and intervention. Luma thus receives a variety of screening, diagnostic and interventional referrals ranging from routine studies like mammography to complex procedures such as MRI-guided biopsies and localisations.

In my experience, the best patient satisfaction and outcomes in breast care are often a result of robust multidisciplinary care. As a one-stop breast care centre in the private sector, I felt that the Luma-Solis partnership had great potential to grow and advance breast care as we know it. Furthermore, joining the group would mean working alongside some of the most respected specialists in the field, so this was an opportunity I did not want to pass me by.

After being with Luma for six months, it is clear to me that the Luma-Solis partnership provides a high standard of evidence-based, appropriate and timely personalised care for our patients through the combined expertise of our subspecialised breast surgeons, radiologists and pathologist. This is most apparent from our daily interdisciplinary discussions and in-depth weekly multidisciplinary tumour boards, where we discuss the best approaches to biopsies, surgeries and further treatment.

One of the best parts about working in Luma is our shared motivation to improve patient care delivery by keeping pace with technological and research advancements. It is immensely encouraging to receive support from our management to constantly explore new techniques and equipment such as in wire-free breast localisation techniques and the use of artificial intelligence in image interpretation.

Suffice to say, I am glad to have made the decision to join Luma and I feel extremely privileged to be part of this great team!