IOC Inspires – If I was given another choice, I would still be a Radiation Therapy Technologist

Out of thousands of jobs out there, most do not get the appreciation they deserve. But that didn’t stop Tran Xuan Hung, a Radiation Therapy Technologist from loving his role at Hung Viet Cancer Hospital. 

“Radiation Therapy Technologist” might be a term most people never know, but for cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy, they are a trusted companion. Accompanying the patient from the beginning to the completion of their treatment, the whole process is carefully carried out by a devoted Radiation Therapy Technologist. 

As a Radiation Therapy Technologist, the work requires utmost precision and accuracy, from the CT (Computed Tomography) simulation procedure to the treatment process. The patient’s position as they lie down must be accurate without deviation and must match calculated data. While the machine is emitting rays, the technologist must closely monitor the patient through a camera placed in the radiation room that transmits signals to the screen in the control room. If there is any abnormality, it must be quickly resolved. Therefore, a radiotherapy session only takes 10 – 30 minutes, but it requires 200% effort from the technicians — all to ensure treatment is performed in the safest and most accurate way. 

Having had the opportunity to know and work with Hung Viet since 2019, I consider Hung Viet as my second home, a place where both my wife and I work. Every day on the Ground floor, specifically the chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment area, I see so many warriors struggling in their fight against cancer. To me, no matter how sad or quiet their thoughts are, this is the place where their hopes and desire to live are seen clearer than ever. From the elderly — some as old as my parents — to even young people like little boys and girls, I’ve dedicated and devoted myself to help as many patients as I can. Having seen the ups and downs of life, I always tell myself to try harder for these warriors.  

Thus, I’m confident that if I was given another choice, I would still be a Radiation Therapy Technologist in Hung Viet. 

Tran Xuan Hung,
Radiation Therapy Technologist