Listen to the stories of our doctors and staff at IOC and why they joined us and what motivates them each day.

Being Empowered in an All-female Surgery Team

Dr Lee Wai Peng
Senior Consultant & Breast Surgeon
Solis Breast Care & Surgery Centre, Singapore

Dr Lee Wai Peng is a Senior Consultant & Breast Surgeon at Solis Breast Care & Surgery Centre, the first private integrated breast care centre in Singapore. Working with an experienced, all-female team of breast surgeons, radiologists and other talented staff, Dr Lee’s environment at Solis has influenced her to deliver the best care possible to her patients.

Even After 40 Years as a Doctor, Hung Viet's Clinical Practice Partnership (CPP) Is My Choice

Associate Professor Dr Le Chinh Dai
Medical Director
Radiation Therapy Center
Hung Viet Cancer Hospital

Associate Professor Dr Le Chinh Dai is a veteran doctor with over 40 years of experience under his belt. After many years working in various hospitals, he chose to work at Hung Viet Cancer Hospital thanks to the Clinical Practice Partnership (CPP).

Driven by a passion for breast imaging

Dr Henry Oscar
Consultant Radiologist, Co-founder
Luma Imaging Centre, Singapore

Dr Henry is co-founder and consultant radiologist at Luma Imaging Centre, Singapore. Find out more how his passion for breast imaging led him to be part of the Clinical Partnership Practice at IOC. Dr Henry’s bio: https://www.luma.sg/ourteam/dr-henry-oscar

Paving the Way for Surabaya's First Private Oncology Centre

Dr Dyah Erawati
Consultant Radiation Oncologist, Clinical Head of Radiation Oncology, Adi Husada Cancer Center, Indonesia

Dr Dyah Erawati first joined Adi Husada Cancer Centre as a Radiation Oncologist after being invited by her senior. Now, she is AHCC’s Clinical Head of Radiation Oncology. Find out from this video how she is able to deliver the best to her patients thanks to the collaboration and knowledge sharing between IOC centres. Dr Dyah’s bio: https://ahcc.co.id/dokter/dyah-erawati-spesialis-onkologi-radiasi

What inspired me to be part of CLIOC’s Clinical Partnership Practice (CPP)

Dr Misael Cruz,
Consultant Radiatian Oncologist and Medical Director
Central Luzon Integrated Oncology Centre, Philippines

Dr Misael Cruz was part of a team of radiation oncologist at Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center when he was offered the position of Medical Director at CLIOC and to be part of CLIOC’s CPP. Find out how his extensive experience in both the clinical and corporate management field helps him stay motivated at work and working with the other doctors. Dr Cruz’s bio: https://clioc.com.ph/our_doctor.php?query=1&name=Dr.+Misael+C.+Cruz

Equipping IOC staff with clinical competencies

Zoe Lau
Clinical Support and Commissioning Lead, IOC

Zoe shares a little about what her role at IOC entails and why clinical training is so important in IOC. Get an insight into what excites her in her job and what her hopes are.