Life with IOC Doctors

Life with IOC Doctors

Life with IOC doctors

Life With IOC Doctors showcases short snippets and inside stories of our doctors across the region, featuring a lighter side of their work and life.

Dr Ulinta Purwati Pasaribu, Radiation Oncologist, Adi Husada Cancer Center, Indonesia.

Dr Ulinta is truly an example of a doctor who manages her family and work well.

Listen as she shares how she balances her busy schedule at work and yet finds time to pursue her hobbies such as singing, line dancing and family time. Find out also what gives her the greatest satisfaction in her job as a doctor.

IWD2022: Why Are Female Visible Role Models in Healthcare Important?

People believe what they can see. Having visible female role models in healthcare is very important as it helps other females in this same industry to be inspired, motivated and empowered.

IWD2022: Our Female Doctors Share Why They Love Working Here

We’re proud to be celebrating International Women’s Day today and honouring the fantastic female role models who work at our hospitals.

Dr Yoseph Adi Kristian, Adi Husada Cancer Center, Indonesia
Radiation Oncologist

A disciplined person by nature, Dr Yoseph says effective time management is his key to success in balancing work, hobbies and family. A pop, R&B and jazz lover, he also loves cooking and sports activities during his free time. Listen as he shares how he aspires to be a true friend to all his cancer patients, to help them in their journey to recovery.