IOC Inspires – AHCC is Like My Second Home


Adi Husada Cancer Center (AHCC) may be a small centre, but for the staff there, they’re like a family. Find out why Masahari, or Hari as he’s known by his friends, feels this way.


A Radiation Therapy Technologist (RTT) helps provide radiotherapy to cancer patients. “Curing cancer patients with modern technology” is how I’d describe what I do. It’s a job that I thoroughly enjoy doing at Adi Husada Cancer Center (AHCC).

I came from a small town in Central Kalimantan, but after my studies, I moved to Java to broaden my horizons. That was how I ended up in AHCC. AHCC is a small centre with less than 50 staff. If you asked me, we aren’t treated like staff; we’re treated more like family, sticking through both the good times and the bad times together.

At AHCC, I lead a team of six. To me, what really makes this job meaningful is how I’m able to heal or reduce the pain patients go through. While there may be patients who do not respond well to radiotherapy, we shouldn’t give up hope. I strongly believe that through our actions, we’re able to restore a sense of hope in our patients.


I still remember a time when a patient who had cancer in the stomach region got diarrhoea after radiotherapy, even after all the correct protocols were followed. Unpredictable cases like this happen occasionally, and while it is stressful, I make it a point to relax and calm myself down. At times like these, I find hobbies like gaming and fishing to be therapeutic.

At the end of the day, AHCC is like a second home for me. I feel comfortable doing my work and I’m confident AHCC is able to provide me with the support I need.

Radiation Therapy Technologist