Executive, International Marketing

Job Summary:

  • To plan and ensure implementation of strategies to develop and enhance the networking for local/international markets so as to facilitate referrals, especially from Indonesia.
  • To develop marketing work plans, manage events and ensure the quality and targets set are achieved.
  • To assist in ensuring that the department meets or exceeds its objectives; the vision, mission, policies, objectives and core values of the hospital are embraced and promoted in the workplace.


Job Description:

  • To work on promotional matters pertaining to Corporate/Insurance/GPs/GLCs/ NGOs for local/international market, and to assist in the operations and performance of local/international representative offices.
  • To work closely with MHTC and ensure IOCKL’s participation where necessary in conferences and healthcare events to network with potential partners and build relationships.
  • To ensure execution of marketing activities (Exhibitions/Road Shows/Corporate Visits and Presentations/Health Talks/Gatherings) as per the work plans and maximise publicity and promotional exposure through those activities.
  • To assist in the preparation of annual budget for CAPEX, manpower cost and departmental profit and loss.
  • To attend to patients’ enquiries, especially those from Indonesia, and provide assistance in terms of translation, making appointments and travel arrangements where needed.
  • Utilise search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques and digital advertising to increase the hospital’s online visibility and drive traffic from international markets.
  • Undertake other duties as assigned by the superiors from time to time.



  • Degree/Diploma in Marketing/Business Admin/Public Relations/Mass Communications.
  • Good communication skills in Bahasa Malaysia, English and/or Mandarin. Competency in Bahasa Indonesia and/or other languages/dialects is a significant added advantage.
  • Strong media relations, PR skills and/or contacts with Corporate/Insurance/GPs/GLCs/NGOs, etc.
  • Candidates with relevant working experience in hospital or hotel industry are preferred.
  • Willing to travel overseas and possess own transport.


Apply now

Interested candidates can send in their resume to hr.iockl@iocasia.com