Head Of Clinical Services, Executive Office

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Take responsibility for effectively implementing clinical policies and procedures to enable the provision of a high-quality service, both in respect of patient care and employee engagement.
  2. Provide leadership and strategic direction for clinical services, in line with overall strategic and business goals, acting as a role model for organisational culture and values in order to achieve the goals and direction for the medical teams.
  3. Continue to develop and deliver a high quality, evidence based, in-patient service in a changing health care environment ensuring that it supports and reflects, regulatory requirements, company policies and procedures, service user needs, medical objectives and professional guidance.
  4. Develop, coach and mentor staff to build a high performing team with a commitment to shared goals.
  5. Ensure the business is an efficient and financially sustainable service, delivering value to customers and maintaining reasonable levels of financial performance to ensure the ongoing viability of the service.
  6. Perform quarterly and and annual employee reviews and provide constructive feedback on their performance to help them meet professional goals
  7. Ensure that all policies and procedures function in accordance with state and federal laws


Job Requirements

Previous performance evaluation experience. Broad healthcare business knowledge of at least 10 years.

Minimum Bachelor’s degree in medical or related field


Apply now

Interested candidates can send in their resume to hr.iockl@iocasia.com